Wigglytuff is from a litter of three that were rescued off the streets. She had a hard start to life, but now she is so happy to be in a place where she is safe and free from worry. From the beginning, she was the most confident of her siblings. She was scared at first, but her desire for love and adventure quickly won out. She is always the first one asking for pets or to be picked up. When you pet her, her little purr motor starts right up. She loves to be in the center of anything interesting and her favorite place to hang out is perched on top the back of her fosters computer chair. She is a little shy meeting new people, but that doesn’t last long if you get a toy out. She loves being around people, but is also happy when it’s nap time. Wigglytuff likes her kitten food and has perfect litter box manners. Her favorite toys are little balls that make noise and the laser light. She has been socialized with cats and dogs. Her adopt fee is $225.00. If interested, submit an application by following this link. https://forecloseduponpets.org/cat-adoption-application/