FUPI has developed a volunteer program where people just like you can temporarily foster rescued animals. On a continuing basis, FUPI recruits dedicated foster care individuals who are willing and able to care for animals that have been displaced due to the economic hardships suffered by their original owners.

Upon completion of FUPI’s volunteer application and the attendance of FUPI’s orientation about animal care policies, the foster home provider agrees to care for the animal, monitor the pet’s behavior and assist with the adoption process. Each foster home will be pre-screened to assure that the people and pets within the home and the space in the home is best suited for the fostered animal. The foster volunteer will furnish the animal with a comfortable environment where its habits and behavior can be monitored.

The pet will need some time to get comfortable in its new home where it is not susceptible to bad weather. It will also need an area to sleep, eat and have access to the outdoors, excluding cats. Monitored information about the animal will be provided to adoptive families to assure that the best possible match is accomplished. FUPI will maintain a database of all volunteer foster care providers to record their preferences, capabilities and limitations for temporary animal care placement. The volunteer database will be matched with surrendered animal’s database to assure that the “best fit” is achieved.

Perhaps the overwhelming benefits of fostering a pet versus sheltering a pet is the socialization training and added attention that the animal receives within a loving family versus a cold shelter cage. Foster volunteers are made up of animal lovers who are aware of the devastating and growing problem of animal over population and the inhumane treatment of animals, which occurs in Clark County, Nevada. Please contact FUPI for additional information about fostering or adopting a cat or dog. You can download our Foster Care applications using the links below:

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