Clovis – Male DSH 1.5 Years


Clovis, male who is 1 1/2 years young. He loves cuddles, doesn’t mind other cats but is timid around dogs. Not picky with food loves wet or dry and loves to chase the laser and makes biscuits 🩵😊 My adopt fee is just $125.00 and I go home fully vetted. If interested, please submit an

Clovis – Male DSH 1.5 Years2023-09-26T12:10:44-07:00

Sweet Thing – Male DSH 1 Year


One year old male looking for love. I am the sweetest boy ever and a very big talker. I can't wait to meet you all! My adopt fee is just $125.00 and I go home fully vetted. If interested, please submit an application by following this link.

Sweet Thing – Male DSH 1 Year2023-09-26T09:17:45-07:00

Cilla – Male DMH 13 Weeks


This is 13 week old Cilla. He is a handsome medium-haired tabby/white kitten. He loves to be held and will make biscuits with his paws. He gets along with other cats and kittens and is a fairly laid back boy. He can be shy upon first meeting but warms up quickly once he’s settled. Our

Cilla – Male DMH 13 Weeks2023-09-17T11:20:38-07:00

Madge – Female DSH 13 Weeks


This is beautifully 13 week old Madge. She had a rough start to life. She was found at just 4 weeks old in a box during the heat of summer barely surviving. She has now blossomed into the most stunning kitten ever. She is quite social and loves humans and other cats. She plays often

Madge – Female DSH 13 Weeks2023-09-17T08:50:49-07:00

Mindy – Female DSH 13 Weeks


This is 13 week old Mindy. She is a very unique looking calico. She is mostly white with a few gray and brown spots. She is an independent gal and chooses when she wants to interact with her favorite human. She loves her kitten siblings and has a good amount of playful energy. I come

Mindy – Female DSH 13 Weeks2023-09-17T08:45:11-07:00

Betsie Johnson – Female DSH Calico 9 Months


You have never met a cat so lovable. I am a 9 month old female that needs lots and lots of cuddles in my life. I can't wait to meet you! I go home fully vetted if you are interested, please follow this link to apply. My adopt fee is $175.00

Betsie Johnson – Female DSH Calico 9 Months2023-09-15T13:33:38-07:00

Dewey – Male DSH Flame Point Siamese


Meet this beautiful, slightly cross eyed boy. He wandered into a home, looking for love and comfort. He is sweet and is great with other cats. He comes fully vetted and his adopt fee is just $125.00. If you are interested please follow this link and submit an application.

Dewey – Male DSH Flame Point Siamese2023-09-13T08:28:39-07:00



My name is Oreo I am 3 months old and a love bug. This whole ordeal has been a lot for me to adjust to. Starting out homeless now being here. I just know I have a great home in my future. My adopt fee is $225.00.

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