Poor Vivienne has had a very hard life. At just 2 years old she was living on the streets all alone until a nice lady started feeding her and letting her sleep in her garage. But last December, that nice lady’s home caught fire and poor Vivienne had to be rescued from the fire! On top of that she was VERY pregnant. Luckily FUPI took her in and got her medical care and prenatal care. Thankfully she wasn’t seriously injured, but had some smoke inhalation, was underweight and VERY stressed out. A few weeks after arriving to her foster home, Vivienne gave birth to TEN KITTENS! Sadly three did not survive, but seven did and have now been fixed and vaccinated and adopted!
But poor Vivienne was left unbelievably stressed by the fire, a tough pregnancy and birth experience and displayed fight or flight behavior. After the kittens were weaned and she was spayed, Vivienne was put on a very affordable anxiety medication and is doing so much better. She still has daily moments of stress where she needs her space to feel safe and will need a very special and patient home. BUT the great news is, she’s turned out to be one of the coolest and most special cats! She follows her foster mom from room to room almost like a dog. And she LOVES to sit next to you on the couch and sleep curled up next to you at night. During the day she is content to take lots of naps. She’s also very easy to give her medication to. She’s affectionate, and curious, and an absolute treasure. But she will require a dedicated and patient adopter. She gets along okay with other cats after a slow introduction. She’s okay with dogs as long as they don’t chase or show much interest in cats. She would also be happy as an only pet. But because can still be defensive when she feels stress, we recommend a home without children. My Adopt fee is $100.00, please follow the link and submit an application.