My name is Tubby. I am a beautiful brown and white domestic short hair. I am super friendly but need a cool down period after moving from one place to another. Change makes me feel uneasy. The way to my heart is through food. That’s how I got my name. I will eat anything, so watch your plates if you don’t intend on sharing. I don’t ask permission I just assume what’s yours is mine especially when it’s food. I had been living out in the streets. One day the weather was so bad I was so cold so I snuck into this Church to get warm. I loved it in there, I really felt I could make it my home. However the person who came in the next morning said I couldn’t stay there. They promised they would help me and they did. They found a rescue to take me in. Now I have a chance at a real home with a family that loves me. I am cat friendly. The adopt fee of $125.00. Copy/Paste