This beautiful two year old short haired Calico named Summer, is just as sweet at she is pretty. She must be your only kitty and the queen of your castle. Summer is here!

Beauty queen seeks human companion. Meet Summer, female calico DSH (spayed). She is gorgeous, soft, and plush, with subtle orange tabby markings on her calico patches. Summer is healthy and full of energy — she loves playing solo or with a human pal, stalking and pouncing on her toys (her favorite toy is birdie on a stick, and she’ll bring it to you).

Summer is friendly but can be cautious at first with strangers. She warms up quickly though, and will soon be your best friend, running to the door to greet you and flopping over for a gentle belly and face rub session.

There can only be one Calico Queen, and that’s Summer. What are you waiting for?
The adopt fee is $165.00, please follow the link and submit an application at: