Stormy 12 weeks
Female DMH torti
DOB March 12, 2022
Hi I’m stormy, but I’m nothing like my name, I’m a very sweet girl that doesn’t like to cause a lot of fuss I just like to snuggle and hang out with my people and my friends I was raised around dogs, cats and kids so I do great with everyone.
My brothers names are sunny and cloudy.
We are miracle babies, our mom was rescued in a hoarders yard and taken in to be spayed but they didn’t realize our mommy had milk until 30 hours after she was rescued, everyone panicked and thank fully a neighbor of where our mommy was picked up found the 3 of us stuffed in a couch in the yard. We were only 7 days old when we went 30 hours outside without the protection of our mom. So we’ve been deemed the miracle babies.
Now we get to be adopted and spend our whole lives inside with our people, come meet me! The adopt fee is $225.00, please follow the link and submit an application at: