Lupe is a 1.5 yr old hound mix, about 55 lbs. This sweet girl was living in the yard of a vacant house. Skinny, no collar, tags, chip and after scouring Facebook lost dog pages and Pawsboost, no one looking for her.  I can’t believe it!  Thank you to the neighbors for keeping her fed and in a safe spot.
She’s got puppy energy and with her big giant paws we would not recommend she be in a home with small children or small pets. Another active dog would be ideal to keep her busy/ company. She had so much fun at doggie daycare with all the dogs
She’ll need a house, with free access to go outside to a secure yard with high fence. She doesn’t like an audience when she’s taking care of business and just learning to give cues she needs out. If you think you can just walk her to take care of things, it’s not going to work and you won’t enjoy the clean up! It’s likely she lived in a backyard. She’s nervous being walked on the sidewalk, road noises startled her but she’s getting better with this.
She chews, and has some durable toys that have lasted well. You’ll need to keep an eye on what she’s got in her mouth as she’s very fond of hard plastic. This is likely due to boredom, another dog in the house might be the perfect solution
She’s incredibly loving and very affectionate. Gives hugs and kisses and shows gratitude for giving her a loving home. She gets sad when she’s left alone. (No apartments, she will cry and howl). Someone who works from home, or retired paw-rent would be good setting to keep her comfortable.
If you can give her a home that meets her needs, you’ll be hitting the jackpot with this beautiful girl.

Adoption fee $225.00

If interested, please complete an application at: