My name is Piper.  I am 1 year old and considered a DSH Dilute Calico female.  My story is really sad.  I was getting abused.  I do have several scabs on me from being burned, I have several spots in my tale that were broken and healed weird so my tail has lots of kinks in it.  I also have (are you ready for this one) a bullet embedded in my thigh.  The vet said it does not need to come out because it doesn’t interfere with anything but I will set off metal detectors.  Gotta make jokes when you can I guess.  The vet could not believe it was a bullet and not a bee bee which is unfortunately rather common.  Anyhow with everything I have endured I still love humans, I enjoy pets and playtime and I would rather have a home then be on the streets where unthinkable things happen to babies like me.  Please come and meet me.  Consider giving me my dream which is a home for the holidays. My adopt fee is $100.00.