If interested in this dog, please email    grrsnadoptions@aol.com

Cosmo is our newest addition!  He is a handsome, 10-month-old Lab pup!

Cosmo is a ladies’ man!  He definitely loves women and gravitates towards them!  He takes a bit more time to warm up to men.  He does, however, like the guys where he is currently boarding and is anxious to meet some new friends!

Cosmo is a typical Labrador Retriever pup. He’s full of energy and is very excited about learning new tricks and commands.  He’s a quick learner and is eager to please!

Who would like to meet this great young boy!?  We are in need of foster homes, so if you’re not in the market to adopt and would like a little house guest, Cosmo is ready for a visit!

If interested in this dog, please email    grrsnadoptions@aol.com


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